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Thank you for reaching out to us!

We are here and working behind the scenes to serve clients just like you.

Please email you inquiry to We aim to respond to you within one business day.

Donor Search - How it Works?

  1. Search Canadian Compliant Donor profiles: Fairfax Donors and California Cryobank
  2. We recommend choosing 1 to 3 donors which match your profile. Send your donor request to Be sure to include:
    1. DONOR ID
    2. # of Vials Requested
    3. Estimated Date-Of-Use
  3. Donor vials are available in two ways. We carry local inventory of available donor vials. If we do not have your Donor in stock, as Health Canada registered Importer and Distributor, we can import available Canadian compliant donor vials for you with our regular scheduled shipments. This can save you money in shipping costs.
  4. We will confirm your Order Request by email.